What do pole dancers do? – Pole Dance Near Me

Pole dance is a form of dance that involves two dancers. The first dance moves and the second moves. The second is the lead.

How do I join a pole dance class?

You can join a class easily through your internet browser. The class can be found at https://www.poledancesuites.com/

Which pole dance class should I check out?

For the complete list of classes, click on the link at the bottom or the name of the class you like.

Can you join multiple classes with me?

Yes. There are no set classes or restrictions for students. Each class is a different challenge for students on the spot. It’s the only way we can truly help you achieve your goals.

Does that mean I have to follow all of the rules?

No. Each class is different. The rules are there to help you achieve your goal or to help you relax. In many of these classes you will learn a new twist or a new dance move that you never thought of before. For example, you might have learned the basic pole dance steps but have never danced a triple toe spread. With this class you will learn the triple toe spread, and in several more classes we do the triple toe spread as well. You may want to experiment, try new moves, or just enjoy the music and dance.

Is it OK that my child might not make it to all classes?

It is always the student’s choice how many classes he or she attends. In most classes, there are no restrictions on how many kids you bring with you.

Do I need an advance check?

Not in most classes. In many classes you will learn all the steps and moves in one class with no prior knowledge. It is important for students to check in for the first class before they try it out with their own partners.

What is the price for a class?

There is a sliding scale to determine the cost, but in general classes start between $20 and $30. The more you participate in the class, the more you can afford. There is no set price for classes, but as a general rule students in general start off between $30 and $50.

What are the differences between classes?

There are no differences for a beginner or intermediate student in how many dances they learn. The difference is between the number of sets and the speed of the dances.

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