Is there a weight limit for pole dancing?

Or a height limit for pole dancing?

We have limited our poles to 6 feet or less in height so you can not get hurt in a pole dancing accident. We have a safety officer at the venue for pole dancing and we tell you before the event so you should be safe at all times! If you get injured during the event and need medical help, or if you are in need of emergency surgery on your limbs, we will provide you with medical attention.

Can I ride my pole to pole dance? You can ride your pole to pole dance but you need to pick up your pole and carry it to a pole dancing class. You will be given a ticket so you will have to pass through security to get to classes.

Can I ride the stage during all my dance classes or in the back of my car at my school? Yes, you can ride the stage so you will have opportunities to perform during the entire show. To sign up to dance during classes, you will need to pay for the dance that will take place.

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