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Lap dancing is not illegal on the streets: only in club clubs. If someone wants to walk a girl to a bar, they’ll have to ask for permission and pay a cover charge—which may range from a few pounds to a few hours’ pay.

In other words, if a bouncer or bartender doesn’t like someone’s attire you’d better find another place.

If it’s not legal in your town, how can I get away with it?

This depends on a number of factors, including your age, your body type, your social environment, and your ability to negotiate a fair price.

If you’re a big fan of ’80s-style clothes, maybe you can borrow one of those old-school “tattooed boys” or “gypsy boys” and have a quick lookover without getting arrested. If you look like a tomboy with giant tits, you may have to go a little less overboard.

You can also walk around and look for the nearest “loser” bar, where you don’t have to explain why you’re getting drunk (unless you’re a member of the victim’s family).

And if you’re the kind of person who likes to show off your butt on the dance floor, you’re free to do so without any consequences.

Is the “no touching” rule still in effect?

If a club doesn’t allow you to touch an individual, that doesn’t mean you can take off your shoes and walk all over them if they look like you think they’re going to fall over. No need to be sensitive about this stuff, or get embarrassed if they take off theirs as you pull them off of you for the final dance!

To the contrary, many clubs have bouncers and bouncers have cameras watching every dance floor, so if you want to touch a girl, all you have to do is show any contraband you might have on you, including your shoe soles. It’s a simple matter, and a lot less awkward.

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