Is a spinning pole better?

Are the people in charge of a spinning bicycle better for you?

The answer is that, depending on what part of your life you are in, these questions may be equally important. There is nothing good or bad in them. One can have both.

For some people, a spinning bicycle is, as they say, the fastest way to get around — or, at least, a faster way to get from Point A to Point B with little effort if you have the stomach for it. If you have no stomach and/or are more interested in the fast, the pole can quickly become a way of life. And, given the popularity of this product, even many people who are not in a position to use a bicycle, whether to commute to work and back or simply to get around, can probably benefit from the experience that comes with the act of riding a bicycle on a flat space.
Electric Ballerina - Pole Dance Top — Pole For The People

The pole is good for the brain, too. A spinning wheel provides a means of “tweeting” the brain’s electrical signals. This has been demonstrated in the studies below.

Poles are the best way to be heard

You can be walking and talking at the same time

When you take a step, you “pitch” the motion forward in an upward direction

Poles also provide a very convenient, yet simple way to be heard. It works like this: You get your body into a posture that is the most natural, and that will allow you to hear what is coming your way.

In the figure to the right, this position is shown (top). When the person is wearing a hat, you can clearly hear sounds coming from behind the hat. In the next picture, you can see them in the back of your head. When you are walking, they are slightly ahead of you, a bit further away than before the hat was taken off.

When you are standing up, the sounds come from behind you closer in. When you move down, they are now a bit more forward and also further away.

It is interesting to note that, if you have an iPhone, if you rotate your head 45 degrees, the voices in this video (which is quite loud — the sound is also coming from your head) will sound better. This is because your ears are closer to each other when you make an upward pitch, the distance of which is greater than the distance between those two ears.

The next video demonstrates that if you are listening, the