How do you spin a girl while dancing?

The answer to that is “the way I spin a girl while dancing,” which may be the most powerful answer you will ever hear. So in that vein, let’s talk about, in fact, how to spin a girl while she’s spinning. Here are five ways to do it:

• 1st-Timers: The best option is to start from just below the hip, and spin your hips around and around. This makes you rotate your hips around, and makes you spin toward your audience, the way you usually want to do it.

• 2nd-Timers: The second best option (besides being completely upside-down and not doing any other dance) is to begin the spin with your hands on the end of the rope, facing out from underneath you.

• 3rd-Timers: The third best option is to begin the spin with your hands on a separate spot to the side (in a “pizza” formation, or a “spiral,” or a “cascade.”) Then keep swinging forward, swinging your hips back with each kick, keeping your arms straight and parallel, just like you would with a regular spin.

• 4th-Timers: The fourth-best option is to begin the spin with your arms and legs together, as if you were dancing. Then start your hands on the front of your body, and keep them all straight. The more your body starts to rotate, the more forward-sloping you become as you turn your body.

5th-Timers: The most common thing to do when spinning is to do the opposite of this. So, as you spin your hips, keep your arms straight, parallel and parallel, and use the arms to straighten your body, as you turn. This is basically a reverse spin that’s more like jumping sideways to the front of your body than spinning.

Now that you’re aware of the most common spins to do, it’s time to add in some of your own favorites — like the one above, or a spin like “Dance With Me, I’m Going” where you start spinning a beat after you start dancing. Here are a few of my favorites to add to your favorites list:

• When you start spinning, you want to swing as quickly toward the crowd as possible.
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• When you start spinning, you want to turn your chest up toward your head as you spin to keep in mind any breathing you may be doing.