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It is not a choreographed dance and you are only ever on your toes trying to keep your head down and do this or that, but your hips are in perfect synchronization, your eyes are locked on the ground, your arms are around your partner or each other.

The problem then is the amount of dancing in one day. The person is trying to do all of this to keep up with the dance moves. In a way it is like that old saying, “Keep your chin up, keep your eye on the prize.”

How do I do better? It’s hard. If you know dance well, you can have a dance routine, take steps with the music, and even dance a bit during the music as well, but there are only a few routines and a certain amount of movements that you really have to concentrate on and just have fun with each step.
Stupid Cupid, Stop Pickin' on Me! - Aerial Dance

It doesn’t matter how good you know dance – at one point, you won’t have anything left to remember because you are no longer dancing, that is life.

When I first saw this website it was the most important website that I have ever seen on YouTube, because of it, my life changed. Now I have an entire library of dance routines.

My next book is The Complete Beginner Series – Complete Guide to Improvising from the Ground Up – It covers every aspect of dance – from fundamentals to intermediate steps.

You’ll find out how to start spinning, which poses to move in the dance, how to do the dance, how to learn step positions, how to move, etc.

I am trying to build a complete guide to basic dance to teach people new to the hobby, because when your first day of dancing is like this, you should be able to move forward to learn.

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