How do you prepare for pole dancing?

It can be a tough business sometimes. I think that you are in a situation where you have to prepare you for all the situations the pole dancing community can put you in. We have all those elements going on. When I started the business, I had no real idea how to prepare for pole dancing. My brother does pole dance in Dallas and I wanted to give that the same type of experience.

Did the business catch on at all in Dallas?

We have just about every pole dance studio in Dallas, except for one! We have a pole dance studio every Friday at the YMCA in Arlington (in front of the YMCA). If you want to go, you can see where they are! When you go, you do get to see a lot of students and instructors. I would say that our studio is only 5,000 square feet and we have about a dozen instructors.

Which other pole dance studios are you in?

We have three in Dallas – the first one in Plano, and a second one in North Richland Hills (in an area that I’ve never even been). They have a lot bigger studios. I have been to both because I wanted to see other students. At the YMCA, the students were not as enthusiastic. I was disappointed in that. We have also had students from both companies and they have been great – I can tell you that from the first time I took pole classes.

What do you want people to know about pole dancing?

We want people to appreciate this art that is so fun and rewarding. We take our art very seriously, and like any art form, you need practice to get the best from it. You need to make sure that you understand what your body is doing before you do something about your hips. You need to make sure that you are going to hit hard. Make sure your body is moving and doing that. You also need to learn how to keep your hips square because not all girls are ready to try so far down. There’s a lot of movement and if your hips fall out, that can end your pole dancing career. We teach the basics so that you can do things that are fun and rewarding.

Tell me about how pole dancing makes you feel.

Whenever I go to class to practice, I feel excited and confident. Sometimes I forget that I’m actually a human being. I feel like I’m going to go dancing and be able to take on all types of situations