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As stated above, this does not have a single-source answer. Instead, this article will present a few different reasons why female pole dancers might experience flexibility issues after prolonged high intensity sessions (HEP) of body weight exercise.

1) The muscle fibers in the tendons and ligament of the thighs or feet are not fully engaged.

The tendons and ligaments and the muscle fibers of the thighs and feet are innervated in parallel and may fire at opposite angles to one another. This makes it difficult for the tendons and ligaments to contract smoothly on multiple movements.

2) There are more fibers available for the muscle fibers of the legs or feet, which may lead to more muscle tension and a stronger contraction, which in turn affects the ligaments and tendons.

3) The muscles that produce gait control are not used or have difficulty coordinating with the other muscle groups of the leg or foot.

4) Since the knee and ankle joints are jointed together, there is an increased risk of joint laxity and flexibility in the knee or ankles.

5) The muscles of the gluteal area (muscles that move the feet in a running stride) are also increased in number and are involved in movement of the feet, legs, and ankles.

Therefore, the muscles for movement of the feet and legs also play an important role in the gait control. Hence, there is an increased risk of joints loosening and flexing that would affect joint stability and flexibility of the feet and legs.

6) The muscle fibers in the hip flexors (muscles that create rotational energy and flexibility) (the thigh muscles) are increased in number at the time of high intensity HEP.

7) Due to the muscle activation and activation of the muscles of the trunk and head (for the eyes and ears), in high intensity HEP, there is a risk of hyperextension (extending) of the trunk and head joints and the neck muscles to the point of pain (tearing your head off).

The increased movement of the trunk of your body is also associated with a change in posture. This change in posture can lead to the inability to stay flexible.

Additionally, since joint positions are affected during the performance of HEP , such movements could also increase the risk of repetitive strains of the joint.

Therefore, it can be reasonably concluded that the long-duration HEP might lead to certain joint

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