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Are there any health and safety hazards to dancing in the air? Yes. People need to make sure they are comfortable being in the air, including being upright and using proper pole posture, which is covered by NEXUS pole dancing safety guidelines.

What will be the best part of the event? Pole dancing is a fun, fast way to practice some physical moves, some creative choreography, and get to know your neighbor. Pole dancing is perfect for those of us who have never danced before. It’s an enjoyable time spent in the air with people who appreciate your dancing and have fun.

Do I have to wear a harness at Pole Dance San Jose? Yes, if you are under 18 you must wear a harness to participate in a Pole Dance event.

Do I need to pay to enter pole dance classes? The NEXUS Membership is a great source and is a great way to experience NEXUS classes at a reasonable price.

Will my fitness level be impacted by a pole dance class? Yes, we try to offer classes to all fitness levels.

What if the teacher needs to rest or leave the stage? The NEXUS instructors will rest or leave the stage if they need help to hold your balance during your dance. The instructor will contact you if you need to cancel or reschedule your class.

Do you carry poles? Yes. Our staff is trained to handle both pole and hand props. The NEXUS staff also carry poles at many of their events.

What if a pole falls? If you want our staff to safely carry your pole or hand prop to the ground, contact the NEXUS staff prior to the event. There is always liability to other attendees.

What if the instructor says something out of line or I can’t move? If someone has inappropriate comments or behavior, please contact the instructor prior to the event. If you need to get an official complaint or safety warning letter, email

What if I don’t dance? This is a free dancing class. Feel free to bring your friends and family and enjoy ourselves. If by chance you don’t find

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