Does Pole Dancing hurt your skin?

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4. You have the right kind of boyfriend.

You got your eyes on the hot dude for dinner, and decided it was time to pry him away. But it turns out he’s just as good looking as you are, and you end up going back to what you loved.

5. You go fishing with some other guys.

You decide to get in with some of the local surfers, and end up getting to know them for another night. This time, they’re not the kind who pick up ladies, and neither are you.
Here's the deal with those robot pole dancers at CES 2018 | ZDNet

Don’t tell them that your husband is your real best friend. They will tell you.

6. You take a trip to your old place in town.

You’ve been there before, but it’s never been this good. You’re all alone and no one’s there to make you feel special. You tell yourself you’ve made enough, and you’re so alone. You want to feel even more special in that empty house you’re at. Your boyfriend has made it home, so why should he have to stay here?

7. You catch up with a girl.

You’ve been seeing this girl for a week now, but the relationship isn’t working out. She’s a bit insecure, and you’re a bit jealous. You’d like to give her something, so you get a new phone on a flight back from Seattle. She’s thrilled to hear she’s on her way home, so you start talking to each other about anything and everything that’s going on. Suddenly, that same guy who made you feel so special in that house pops into your life. He has a new girlfriend, and she’s really nice to you. You feel better than a thousand flowers, and you finally know you belong. After all that, how could you ever complain about dating a hot girl or being with someone you love?

8. You find something on eBay for way less money than you thought it would be.

Your new car is a dream, and it starts making a lot of the boys in your life jealous. You decide to buy it, and all is well. You start to feel a bit insecure, but you feel like you can live with that. And so do your boyfriends, except they have a lot of money, but they won’t ever go on a road trip with you. And when you ask them what they mean, they’ll tell you exactly what you