Can you spin on a static pole?

YES! You can spin on a static pole by connecting your pole directly to a wall with string (or similar), and keeping your pole as flat as possible. The string should be held up to the ceiling, which keeps the pole from coming into contact with the floor or another piece of static. The pole should be at a 30 degree angle to the wall, so the pole cannot touch anything. You are spinning on a static pole, so the angle of the pole doesn’t matter much when you first learn to “spin” because you will be spinning so fast that you won’t be able to even see that one side of the pole (i.e., the bottom of the pole, not the top). You will quickly get a feel for how hard it is, when you are spinning at more than 100 RPM. In terms of how big you can spin on a static pole, the maximum you can spin on a static pole for the first few hours is a few feet on each side of the pole. As you can imagine, if you have a large space to move, you’ll have a lot more. After about 5 minutes, you’ll be bouncing on each side of the pole, and your arms will start to get tired because it’s so fast, but before that you’ll have about 20-25 feet between each side of the pole. When you can move at least one foot, you’ve got a good spin, whether you’re spinning on a big or small pole. (If you are spinning a big pole, you don’t need to bring your pole close to the ceiling to maintain a good spin because you have more surface area to spin on, and the walls around a big pole take up more surface area than a small pole. The reason that you can spin on a small pole much faster is because it’s more consistent so that it’s easier to hit each side of the pole. If you don’t have a very small space, you might be better off learning to perform the simple movements required to spin on a smaller pole like a quarter pole.) As you get more proficient, you will be able to spin much further, but you can go as fast or as far as you like as long as you don’t move or try to hit more sides from one side of the pole that you wouldn’t consider dangerous. If you get tired from this, move to a pole with a different wall, or a pole with no wall. At some point, you’ll have to use more pole like a half pole (the name came from the
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