Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Best Pole Dance Ever

What are your plans to lose weight?

How can I get a hold of your book?

How can a woman overcome a body image problem without being a size five?

If it was a dog, what would you name your new best friend and dog?

What are your views on the “Big Girl Syndrome?”

What is the importance of maintaining a positive self-image?

What type of foods and nutrition are good for your body?

How can people stop eating too much sugar?

If you could live on one diet for all your time, what would it be and why?

How can I get my husband to take his clothes off more often?

What are your opinions on body acceptance?

What happens when parents see their sons/women’s growing breasts or weight gain?

How do you feel about the concept of a “female hero”?

What are some of the challenges you encounter living a body double role?

How can you overcome self doubt and gain confidence on the job?

How can I get in shape and make more money?

How can I get a better relationship with my ex?

How do I find a boyfriend who is attracted to me and appreciates me?

Why do people make an appearance in my photos?

Why was the man in my last photo wearing jeans?

Why does my picture have my name over my face?

How would you rate your sexual prowess?

What’s the story behind my photo?

How do I keep my clothes clean and stay trim?

Why does my dress size make me look more like a doll?

Why does my photo make me feel bad about my height?

How do I keep my clothes looking good without being able to wear them?

What advice can I give young females in my age group?

How should I cope with being teased for my breasts?

What will be the impact of having a family without a father?

How can I tell a person I’m having an affair and don’t really remember?

Can my size make me lonely and depressed?

I thought I might’ve gone crazy when I found out my dad died, but what happened was far more serious. Where did you find out?

When people ask me where I got my name, I tell them my parents picked it. How did they find out?

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