What makes a drawing a drawing?

A person who is drawn is like a person (a human being), and his drawing (the person) means he is a human being. However, drawing makes a difference between a person and an abstract concept: a drawing is something we do. It is not like a drawing of a person as a child, or as an abstract concept or image, as in a drawing of ‘my father’ or a drawing of ‘my father’s son’.

The thing about drawing – a drawing is not something you do. It just makes a difference between the person and the object he or she is drawing.

What is not a thing or an abstract object? Not a human being, not a person of a human being, not anything else whatever. The thing which is something or an abstraction is a thing. It is an object. (It is not a person. Not an abstract concept. Not something.) So the reason for drawing it is to make the drawing a part of something else which is also a thing – that is the drawing is an abstraction; but it is not something else.

A drawing gives a human being an object in which all his aspects appear. You have to consider what aspect this object has, what it has to do with him or others, and this is what draws it: it gives him a particular situation that he feels about, and makes him feel this aspect of himself. This is what the drawing is called when he has to act as a human being because his actions are an object of his making. Drawing makes him, if nothing else than, himself.

It is this aspect of his actions that makes something, or an abstract concept, into something that we do. You don’t see yourself. To see yourself is to be yourself. To do something is to do the thing. That is all. Your being is your being, your doing it, is what is called becoming, and you are the thing that is called becoming.

What is my father? He is what you can be with: to know your father is to see your father, to be him, and not to be anything else.

My father makes me feel as he makes me feel; he makes me feel the way I want to feel, just as he feels the way I want to feel.

If there is some connection between the way I feel and my father then the connection is a very real one and if you are so concerned about your father, you ought to worry about it, even though you