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It isn’t a graphite pencil, is it?! But I’ve heard that graphite pencils are a very dark color. Is any graphite pencil the same color as any other chalk? Does the dark color mean that it doesn’t really exist or is that just a myth? If that is so, why is graphite so hard to find on paper because it is not only the main component of a pencil, but also of a very specific type of rock? I have heard that a graphite pencil is a pencil made out of sandstone or a rock like that. Is this true?




Pencil Sketch Pencil Drawing By Nidhi Takur | absolutearts.com

This is the same graphite pencil with a new pencil tip, the original version with a flat tip still exists.


I thought I had it easy until I saw this in a local store. For about $4, I was able to purchase a set of “laboratory” glasses that let me test out color, contrast and brightness. At first I was not very impressed, but later I got over my initial skepticism for this gadget.

The glasses were very nicely constructed and had pretty clear lenses and clear back cover. The main button on the side of the glasses was nice and big and easy to operate. There was also a small hole for the USB cable that came with the glasses, which I did feel was a bit overkill, but I was willing to put up with it for this limited purpose. The glasses are not the most comfortable to wear.

I put on the glasses during the morning and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could not see the whole image, and the tint would fade into the next light. The whole thing was pretty cool, but it was kind of a waste of my money, since I would have been willing to pay $20 for this.

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The changes are already in place

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