What is graphite pencil made of? – Pencil Drawing Definition

Graphite pencils are made from a high temperature material that is extremely hard, transparent and has a thin coating that is not only highly resistant, but incredibly soft. The paper makes up the exterior of the pencil. The inside is composed of carbon and is made up of cellulose and other polymers which help the pencil to be pliable. This makes graphite pencils an excellent choice for learning, drawing and all-around use.

Graphite pencils come in many colors, including dark pink, white, yellow, rose and a multitude of different colors.

Why should I purchase graphite pencils?

Many people feel that graphite pencils are so hard to work with that they are simply not for them. It can be hard to tell the difference between the graphite used in a good graphite pencil and the bad graphite that is put into bad pencils. This is why it’s so important to decide which is the right pencil for you!

Because of their hard-wearing properties and the fact that graphite is so easy to manipulate, these pencils have become very popular since the 1800’s. If you want to learn to manipulate the fine points of color or drawing, then you should consider a graphite pencil!

How much do graphite pencils cost?

The price for graphite pencils is varied. They vary all the way from $20 through up to $500 depending on the brand. The good news is that this range is pretty close to the price of buying paper, and this should encourage you to get a graphite pencil if it is on price.

Does graphite pencils need to be cleaned?
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Yes. But it really depends on if they are used too! Most graphite pencils are well-behaved, and will not leave a residue on your pencil case, so it really depends on what you are doing. If your pencil is for illustration or sketching, then you don’t need to wash it. There are many other pencils available that do not leave any residue on your case.

How many pencils is it?

There are many different brands of graphite pencils, and many different styles and colors. It can be hard to pin down how many pencils you will need, if you only have a couple of choices. But we have compiled a list of some common brands to help you decide which is right for you.

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