What is difference between sketching and drawing? – Waterfall Scenery Drawing With Pencil Colour

Stair-punching is a very common thing that happens while drawing. It’s part of the art style of this country and most other countries in the world. There are many different reasons behind it but basically that’s when one person can sit on a drawing pad and punch, “I want that!” But we all know, that’s not how to do it.

When I sketch, I first find out the shape and the color inside. I also take extra time trying to think and sketch the pose.

“Where” do you sit?

I sit in front of a window. I have this big desk. I try to make any other space comfortable for me. This has its benefits: I just have to work, I don’t need to sit anywhere and I can stay a longer time on my sketchbook. I feel that I get to stay more with what I like more. As an artist of comics I like drawing more, so that I can express what I love.

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Why do you like sketching?

If I don’t want to sketch, I will draw something I found on the internet! I like drawing things like flowers, fruits or insects. I don’t like to draw what I don’t like, so it’s a great experience.

What does the process of drawing comics with watercolor look like?

I find out the details inside first thing in the morning, I just draw from memory. Also, I do it using an eraser. I am very good at being able to put anything on the canvas. It’s just, if you go outside you can find anything. It’s the only thing that is outside from my experience. If you look inside your sketchbook it just looks like the same thing, you have all the same information and it’s all there.

Do you still have water coloring books on your desk?

I love my water coloring books. I got my first watercolor books when I was about nine or ten years old. I used to draw with them and then I lost them. I don’t remember where I got them from. I think it was some shop I used to shop at. Then I got a drawing book. That is the last one that I have. I have no desire anymore to buy more watercolor books.

I always had some pencils on my desk and now they are all gone. But I don’t regret ever having them.

Do you have a favorite sketch

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