What is difference between drawing and sketching?

This question was posed in the book Drawing and Sketching (C. S. Lewis, 2003). In the book it is written that drawing a page makes it a part of the world, which makes it the same as drawing a whole but in a different way. In sketching one tries to get the whole out of a small area. That is the way you draw a whole.

When someone draws for real use or with real materials they use an artist as a guide like to sketch. This guide is called the brush.

We use a canvas or a sketchbook for our sketching. We cannot draw a whole on paper by ourselves. The brush allows us to draw and we are guided through the whole. It is a medium of expression, expression of ideas. It creates a whole out of a finite quantity of ideas, and gives us a direction.

There are different mediums of art, as we learn more and more about them. This guide will let you make sketches for a real use, as well as a new sketch to create yourself in your mind.

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Sketch – The medium of expression

Sketch does not express itself in a linear way, but in an expression of ideas and feelings. It is a way of experiencing that is not expressed by words. You can sketch because there is no other medium. The brush in this medium is the most creative thing in life that we know of, and this is not one thing but many.

There is nothing else like it to express what we think. We are able to do this because we will be guided. In drawing there is nothing but a guide who has the power of a compass, you would think that is how it works. Drawing is guided. In sketches a guide is able to guide you through your line and create your own path.

I have found that I can sketch in a way that is very easy for me. Every one can do it. It is as simple as drawing a line through an area.

I see very few problems with it though I think that it has too many limitations and limits. In my line I tend to go into the area. It is my impression. The direction is my guide and that is what draws the line.

You will realize that the only difference between sketch and drawing is the direction of the line between you and the guide. The line, the brush, the guide, is the same thing. The only difference is the area of the canvas that is used