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A graphite pencil is a very simple type of “paint pencil.” (It can be traced to its first invention, by American inventor William Friesen.) A graphite pencil has a very thin (only 1/8″ thick) material that gives a nice, strong, light, reflective surface when you touch it. That’s why it was so popular. The technology behind them isn’t as advanced now as it once was, but they still work very well.

Is it really possible to make a graphite pencil?

There are lots of stories that suggest this can be done—but I’ve never found anyone who’s been able to make one. But I am willing to bet most of these stories are false.
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Even if you were to find someone who had succeeded, you could not use it on the real pencil, because it is not a good conductor of electricity. It conducts enough current to burn up the metal and cause damage, so it is not really a pencil or any other electrical device. However, it’s easier to make a replica. (I’ve found online, for instance, many folks are able to cut a pencil-like piece of aluminum and bend it into a pencil-like shape.) But this could require very sharp tools with special blades, and even a little ingenuity!

Why might people want to make such a device? Perhaps their work is difficult, or their home is filled with dust… or even a piece of furniture or furniture parts could catch on fire…

…or maybe the work themselves are difficult—or messy—or don’t get high enough to get good sharpness. I suppose you could do something with it for fun, if you wanted to. But there are lots of other, safer ways to do the same things. I just don’t get why you would want to go through all this trouble for something stupid like a pencil sharpener.


… if you really are serious about making it, do it! Even if the process is quite difficult, the result is worth a shot. This works just as well in the hands as it does on a computer model. It’s very likely you would be able to pick up the right bits of graphite fairly quickly while doing it.

And remember, you can use any brand or style of graphite pencil. Even a fine diamond is easy to cut with a sharp blade—even though diamonds work poorly as pencil sharpeners! And the “tough” graphite pencil

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