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It is an old and venerable metal pencil that can often be found with the name “graphite” at the head of the pencil, but is actually composed of a thin sheet of graphite sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. The name is also usually applied to the pencil made from the graphite and aluminum. I am surprised that it is still around, though. These old, reliable pencils are still on the market today, and I enjoy using one on occasion. The only issue I have is that its quality has changed over the years, and the pencil I use now has a more “expensive” quality. For example, many pencils I see in good condition today have sharpened lead inserts to aid in the pulling back of the lead, rather than the flat, smooth lead I used to have. I don’t believe that would have had a significant affect on the value of the pencil, regardless of how long it has been used.

When writing in graphite in graphite pencils, I don’t tend to find that there is much to worry about. The only problem is that if a graphite pencil is broken or otherwise damaged, this results in some ink being wasted (which is no big deal). However, an ink that is wasted has wasted ink. Thus, if a graphite pencil is used frequently, especially during writing, it may become very hard to find a replacement.
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So, if you feel like taking a chance and trying one of these old-hat, reliable pencils, make sure you get one in a very nice, very good finish. I’ve seen very nice graphite pencils with shiny, high quality finishes that I do love. However, if your budget allows you to spend $40–$50, this may be an okay option for you.

But, for a truly unique design, a high-tech pencil, or an old, vintage pencil, the price point would obviously be much more in line with what the original manufacturer of the pencil has decided, and they have yet to give us an answer. But, if you are not interested in finding out what the actual price is now, and just want your favorite old-hat, reliable pencil to get a new lease on life, it may be well worth your patience and budget.

If you just want to buy one of these pencils because it is the most inexpensive thing in the world, do me a favor and give it a shot, but be prepared for a much longer, and more expensive wait than

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