What does 2b pencil mean?

Well, according to their websites, we can buy 2b pencils for just $5 for 100+ ppt (20+ 1mm pencils); it’s great for those students who only have a few hundred 2b pencils. This would be pretty bad, considering that there are around 100,000 2b pencils in circulation around the planet!

In order for you to make a profit from selling your pencil, you’d need to figure out which students are interested in purchasing the pencil (or at least a few), find out how they identify themselves and then start selling them at a high cost, which means you only want to sell 1-2 per student (although you’ll find some students selling for $3 and 1/2-2 per student!).

Since some students may even have a hard time identifying themselves online, and can’t always purchase online, this can be a tricky task.

There are also other ways to find your customers, such as your instructor, parents, or the college you are teaching at. This can be tricky, so this method is only for the most experienced teachers.

“The whole point of being in a company like ours is to protect our customers from online scams. That’s why we created our consumer protection services. Our consumer protection departments are staffed by experienced internet service providers. They have all the necessary access to the network and the data at our customer sites. They also have the data in their hands so that we can respond to your questions.” (Source: Twitter) As of April 2016, the above tweet from Twitter is attributed to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Chairman of the company. It may indeed be correct that Facebook’s consumer protection team has been staffed around the clock since January 2012 and that the above tweet is correct. Facebook has been in existence and running since 2004 and this tweet certainly reflects that fact.

How did this quote get made?

The answer to that is in the Twitter profile name of Mark Zuckerberg (who is the CEO). “MarkZuckerberg”, as the author puts it, “appears to have been inspired by something that happened to a friend back in the mid-2000’s – after Facebook was created” which is why he calls the company Facebook. This “something” happened back then, in the context of a conversation that ended with Zuckerberg saying “You can be my friend! Please send me something I’ll love”. Zuckerberg says “You can be my friend! Please send me something I’ll love” and the friend responds,