What do you call a drawing of a person?

We call it a baby, because we find it so disturbing.

Doesn’t having these kinds of images always get in your way of how you’re approaching everyday life?

Oh, yes. There’s something really disturbing about a baby, isn’t there? You never know what that image will get you. If you’re a very open person and you go out and eat with your partner and you have a baby and you have a little baby in your arms, it’s something really personal. It’s like, you realize that it’s your own baby you have. And it’s an experience that will haunt you.

Do you feel that’s something that’s changed?

One thing that I’ve learned about the baby world is that everybody has a baby in him or herself, and everyone is a little bit different because everyone has some experience, some experience that the baby has in them, too. And so it’s not so much about saying it’s only a baby when it’s in you.

“There’s no one with a better understanding of what to do than Tim Duncan. He’s a leader. He is a great communicator. And he’s a guy who has a chip that everyone else has to chip in with.” — Dirk Nowitzki, in a statement released by Maverick teammate Boris Diaw and his agent Tony Gwynn on Tuesday

So this is what happens when a player makes a bold and honest statement.

When Mavericks fan Tim Duncan spoke to reporters about Diaw, he gave his own take. When asked specifically about Diaw, that is probably not the first time that Duncan has said something to the contrary.

So, it was surprising to all of us when he did.

Duncan told reporters Tuesday that he’s not interested in playing with Diaw.

The Mavericks have only been to a playoff game together in four of the last six seasons. They’ve been 3-9 and 4-16 respectively that span.

But, let’s back up.

Diaw is a very talented player. He is a career 45.4% 3 point shooter who is a threat to dunk over even the best big man in the league. Yet, the Mavericks have lost him to the Houston Rockets last summer after three seasons with Dallas.
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Diaw was a very good player for the Mavericks over the last few years but he has not had the impact he once did in Dallas.

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