What are the drawing techniques?

Draw your favorite cartoon character with pencil sketch by Palash321

For the character portraits I created, I use digital paintings, and I also made some hand painted portraits using acrylics, pencils and markers. In a way this is a way to connect with my audience, while at the same time keeping things simple and simple. A lot of the characters have to have a simple silhouette. I made some sketches to make sure I was making the right ones. For the main character: I wanted a figure with a silhouette and a color scheme that would fit in with his original background.

I also made some sketches in black and white. I wanted some of the more important characters to have dark hair or faces with gray tones.

Can the characters be seen?

For the character portraits I painted the portraits using watercolor, which gave the character the impression of a real person, and made them seem real to an audience. I also made reference images of the characters themselves, and painted portraits of the models to get a better feel of the characters. Sometimes I’d make 3-4 prints of a specific character and then assemble the whole ensemble through Photoshop or InDesign, but the main characters don’t change.

How long is the process for creating an image?

Usually only a few minutes, but it depends on the complexity of the design, so sometimes the process varies a lot. In some cases however, it may take several months, as each individual character has to have a lot of details. A typical process consists of the following steps:

1. Research the character

The first step is to find out as many details about the subject as possible. I do very extensive research and research the history of the person in order to establish a picture of the person’s personality. I look at a lot of books about the person, and I watch many documentaries, including interviews with other people in his or her life, which shows the person’s motivations and opinions. Sometimes I ask a lot of questions and go to a museum and talk to people who have knowledge of the subject.

The next step is to do research and research the history of the individual and his or her life.

2. Research the individual’s appearance

This step is quite demanding. For the character portraits I made I spent a lot of time working with a pencil and a colored pen. This will give the characters a distinctive look, which is not too naturalistic. Sometimes it can be done by drawing on the computer; when drawing I like to use the software Adobe Photoshop instead