What are the drawing techniques? – Cool Colored Pencil Drawings Soda Can Opener

We draw from an extensive range of professional magazines and illustrators and have had a long apprenticeship. A particular drawing style is created by working on a large scale model with a lot of details and by using a combination of drawing and painting in order to achieve a smooth and naturalistic effect.

Can I learn more about the production values of the model?

We deliver a model that is in line with the industry standard. Depending on the size, we use different methods of construction and we use various materials, such as carbon fibre on the carbon fibre body, foam on the foam body, metal on the metallic body, aluminium on the aluminium body and titanium on the titanium body, to make the model unique and extremely functional. For example, the air vents on the body can be blown by means of air turbines, or a windmill can be installed. This means that with a low budget, it can be possible to create an impressive design.

The finished model is delivered on a solid platform, a very versatile and affordable way of creating models. This is the biggest advantage of our models because we are able to build a model with a very low volume, which saves on costs. Furthermore, in addition to offering a well-balanced, compact and high quality product, we also have the choice of the colours for the model – red, blue, green, orange, white and black. For instance, the model with the blue body is more durable than the model with the white body. With this colour combination, the model can stand up to severe weathering for hours on end. Also, for the black version, it’s extremely easy to restore to its original colour by sanding.

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How are you able to get the best results from the models?

By creating models like this one, we can demonstrate the power of 3D printing and the possibilities of printing small objects on our devices. This is an amazing technology, and one that many other companies still struggle to create on a large scale. It’s a true test for all those who hope that 3D printing can be a major force for the future. Our models are also able to show us our customers the possibilities. Our customers like them because they are able to save money by choosing these models, and they think it’s very valuable as a promotional tool for us. They also like us because we can provide excellent service. The number of our clients has grown a lot in the last few years, and we are able to serve them better and offer them solutions

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