What are the 3 types of pencil? – Pen And Ink Rendering Definition

• Bamboo • Pouch • Paper

How do I store my pencil inside the pencil bag?

• To store the pencil outside on the dashboard:

• Take out the pencil first and place it on a nearby chair,

paper or blanket – on the floor or on something solid.

• Now, on the driver’s side

• Open up the rearview mirror and remove the pencil from the notebook.

• Place the pencil inside the bag.

• With the pencil in the bag, open the car door.

• Now place the pencil inside the car, close the dash, and park.

• Turn off the ignition, and put the pencil back inside the pencil bag.

• Put the pencil outside on the dashboard.

• Then, put the pencil inside the notebook again and reverse the procedure.

• Turn the ignition and put the pencil back in the bag.

• Place the pencil inside the car again.

• If the driver doesn’t have the vehicle locked up, place the pencil outside on the seat.

• Take the wheel (front and back) out of the driver’s seat and place the pencil on the ground.

• Place the pencil on the seat next to the driver.

• Put the thumb of the driver’s left hand on the pencil and turn the key.

• Place the pencil next to the driver’s left hand.

• Now, turn the ignition and turn the wheel.

• Slowly move on until you reach the parking lot.

• Open the rearview mirror and place the pencil behind,

on top of the windshield mirror.

• Keep turning the key until you get into the garage.

• Open the trunk of the vehicle, unplug the trunk power and place the pencil on the ground inside.

• Turn the key to the “parking” or “park” or “unpark” position.

• Place the pencil on top of the trunk or in the passenger area. The driver should lock the vehicle and unplug the trunk power. Turn off the ignition. Turn off the steering wheel, brake pedal, A/C, heater and air conditioner. Turn the wheel back to “park”. You should now have the vehicle locked and unlocked.

What are the tips on using the A/C fan?

• Follow the tips to avoid overheating.

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