Is there a number 1 pencil?

Yeah, but I’m not allowed to use it because the other 10 guys in my class are allowed to use that pencil. And so in my heart I know there is no possible way I can use that number 1 pencil at that time because it gets ruined.

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at school?

Actually I don’t think that’s funny at all, but if you think of the things that have gotten me in trouble at school, my teachers aren’t the funniest people; they don’t really have an easy time getting mad. I think I’ve had a hell of a lot of bad things. You know, if you’ve got a real tough time with anything, like maybe you’re really bad with math, or a really bad time with any kind of homework, maybe get a little help. I mean, I don’t know, I’ve never had a really fun education. I mean, there are things, like when I’m really bad in anything, you know, and I don’t know my classes, I’m sure if I had a good one in the morning, in the afternoon, maybe not, maybe I could deal with it, but when I’m really bad, like when I can’t do anything for the whole day, like I can never, I can never do anything when I need to, because if I’m a math guy, like I know my classes can do a lot of things for me, but when I’m not, I’ve spent every single hour of the day just not doing no work.”

You’ve said on more than one occasion that at the end of your senior year, you’d like to be president of the United States. What made you decide to wait until after high school?

Well, my uncle had the idea to get me a job at a car company, and then I thought, no, that’s not going to happen, so I got a job in advertising, and so I’m going to go to school to get this job. And I’m going to do what I absolutely have to do, because I’ve got to go to work, and to get a job, and to be an advertising artist is going to require some extra hard work so I can get paid. And that’s what my uncle, who’s been really bad with me, has been pushing me to do so the whole time and he doesn’t think he can convince me otherwise. And so once I start working and I get a