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Does it feel like it would write something interesting?

How long has it been since your last pencil purchase? I’m not really sure.

What color pen do you recommend that I use? Black nibs look terrible compared to brown nibs.

Do you use the same pen every day? I do.

Do you buy from different stores? I do.

How old were your children when you started pencils? I’m too old to know.

Do you buy new or used pencils? Never.

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” ” The only way we can really get rid of our addiction to pornography is to put it out of our sight and out of our mind. —Steve Biko, Ph.D.[1]

Philosopher Kevin MacDonald (a.k.a “Kevin” or “Kevin MacDonald”) (September 10, 1947 – December 8, 2005) was a noted British philosopher, writer, and speaker. A prominent atheist, a prominent Catholic, and an avowed atheist as well as “intellectual libertarian,” he had been known as a prominent figure in the counterculture movement in the 1980s and 1990s.

A lifelong opponent of pornography, his philosophy of society and sexuality was a series of articles and interviews, mostly aimed at providing a counterculture alternative to the “consumerist” culture of the 60s and 70s.[2]

In 1993, the first of several books he wrote for his web site, The Myth of Male Power (now defunct), was published by Penguin Publishing.[3] A year later, a second book was published in Australia under the title Men in Blazers: Why We Still Buy Porn and Why We Need to Stop. The second book was co-authored by Tim Wilson.[4]

MacDonald received a National Society of Professional Journalists Award for excellence in intellectualism, and also earned the National Book Award in 1994 and the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2006,[5][6][7][8] receiving the 2007 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in Economics and the 2008 British Humanist Association Humanist of the Year.[9][10][11]

ORIGINAL pencil landscape by Katarzyna Kmiecik / pencil
One of MacDonald’s most influential essays was Why I am an Atheist, a manifesto in defense of atheism that is still cited often as an argument against theistic religious belief.[12] In 1998

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