How do you draw an eye pencil? – Pencil Drawing Landscape

The eye pencil is quite simple. It has three points on the outside and two points on the inside. A little practice and some observation and you’ll find that they are perfectly in-line and just about evenly spaced.

How do you draw your eyelashes?

Now when you’re an average girl, you’ll often find that the eyelashes are much harder to draw, they’re a little bit more difficult for me to follow.

They are almost like a pencil. The main point of the eyelashes is the one on the inside of the eyelid. I find it easiest, but it is not required to draw the eyelashes very precisely. I can be fairly accurate.

I usually start drawing just below the outer corner of the eyes and then add the eyelashes.

Are there any other kinds of eye drawings that you want to share?

I’d love to illustrate a character like a superhero, a superheroine or a vampire.

Would you like to draw a face? I’ve done face drawings for the other two characters.

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