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I draw a single one on the bottom and then a little extra one in the middle, a little more on top. But I have some trouble with this, because I’m not drawing the eye on an arc, I just draw it like a line that curves down. It’s always a little messy, because it doesn’t line up, but the idea of a line is very easy for me to think.

Where do you get your ink? Do you get your ink at the local fountain? Is it something special that you use in the art studio?

My ink comes from a fountain in Toronto. I also get some ink from a private studio in the city. I use some ink from a private studio, too, but that’s not as good because I have to put very, very fine nibs on to it, like this one I had, in order to use that ink. I can use it in the school. I can use it in a drawing in an art studio. I even get some for the school itself, they’re called “school pens.”

Did you ever give it to your classmates?

No. That’s because they might think they’re more advanced. That would be a problem.

You wrote about the difficulties of getting into art school: how difficult is it to study without having a proper idea what you want to do after school?

I thought about that for about a hundred years. I never did it because I think that’s all the more reason to do art. But, I didn’t give it any thought because I think they would say a little bad thing if they went to see me.
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You mentioned that art school was hard because students are always worried about making a good first impression.

I would have to say that it’s the other way around. The way I think of a great art school is to go after a great idea. Art is not the most important thing. But to have the greatest idea, you’re going to have to study for about 10 years. So, in the end, people have to say the right thing because it’s not just the first impression. Sometimes, people have to prove that they’re worth staying in the room for.

Art school and college

There are so many great artists in history: how famous and who is famous. Some of your school friends, are they really famous?

I think they are. To me they were all famous artists. I think those people were

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