How do I create my own drawing style?

By default, Illustrator uses a base template (known as an EPS). You can either import a template from another document or you can create your own style from scratch using the new Shape Builder tool (available on OS X only).

How do I create my own fonts?

For a complete list of fonts, please see the Fonts page. However, if your graphics are in the fonts format, you can use the new ‘Type’ panel to edit these fonts and convert them to the ‘X’ or ‘C’ shapes. You can also add custom glyphs with the new New glyphs panel; the glyphs panel does not support automatic generation of custom glyphs, though you can change this using the ‘Extended Control Panel’ dialog. The new panel is also compatible with the new ‘Raster’ tools (available in Photoshop CS), enabling full vector editing with all the usual options.

Can I upload my own images?

Yes. You can upload your own images right in the editor, just using normal text. You can also browse existing images using the File menu.

How do I upload images for export/sharing?

Downloads are stored in the Files section of a new Save As section. Uploads are displayed in the Share As menu in the New Document dialog.

How do I edit or share my work with others?

To share your work with others, you can right-click on part of the work you have uploaded and choose the option Edit Share…. All changes can then be shared with anyone with the Edit Share option set to Open All. You can also make notes on any changes you’ve made in your work.

How do I turn on and off features I have used?

For a complete list of features available in Photoshop CS5, please see the feature overview page.

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