Can you erase graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Images

A : Yes, you can erase graphite pencil. It is very important that you get the graphite in the black side of the pencil. Graphite gets trapped inside the pencil, and if you just remove the pencil cap, it will come away easily. Don’t forget that it will ruin the beauty of the graphite.

How to remove graphite from black pencils?

Step 1 : Remove the cap from the black pencil, and use your fingers to remove the graphite.

Step 2 : Let it come out slowly. Leave it for about 8-10 minutes.

Step 3 : Put the white tip of the pencil on the graphite so you can see where the graphite leaves the pencil.

Step 4 : Cut the tip off of the graphite so you can see the black side of the pencil without it. Cut the graphite tip so the black side of the pencil is not visible, it is better to leave the entire black side of the pencil but leave the graphite intact.

You may want to make a photo of the process to show people how to clean graphite and to illustrate that this method will clear pencils without the cost of graphite. It is easier to clean graphite than other chemicals.

There is one tip, you must not twist the graphite.

Remove the graphite from the end of the pencil. Twist it so you can see the graphite when it comes out.

A Note from The Pencil Guy:

This method was suggested to me by the Pencil Guy. I would certainly like to thank the Pencil Guy for his suggestion.

I would say to take out the cap first. If you can’t remove the cap, you should use one of the method above. Just be sure you leave the end of the pencil in place.

What Other Pencil Removal Tips Have You Found?

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