Will health insurance pay for a life coach?

Not that it would, but if you have a life partner with preexisting conditions who has made it up to you in terms of health insurance coverage, then the insurance industry might be willing to provide that kind of service. (Yes, a life coach is not insurance; I mean, what insurance could do).

I’ve had a couple of people contact me about health insurance that cover a life coach when they’ve decided they don’t want him or her anymore. That’s fine with me.

The TRUTH Behind Scammers
The cost to the government to cover the cost of a coach who can make all sorts of recommendations about what to do about a specific health issue is very small. In many instances, you only pay taxes if you spend a certain amount on the coach.

If you see yourself being a kind of “health coach” for someone in some way, that is an expense that you ought to expect to get taxed (and in any case, you would be in the business of writing letters to the IRS).

Also, please don’t be so offended if you lose out on some kind of health coaching job. If my friend were to lose his job, I would not feel like I’m denying him access to other job opportunities when I do give him some advice.

It’s true that life coaches, when they offer to write the occasional letter, might be more expensive. But most insurance companies don’t charge much and the coaching companies may charge more to help cover their costs.

So, as long as we have insurance to support him, we should be fine with that.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption President Hollande has promised to improve security at French-held northern bases

France’s government has said a military base in Turkey could be the target of a “pre-emptive” attack by Islamic State (IS) militants.

A soldier at a Turkish-held base in northern Iraq is believed to have been shot dead by militants, the country’s interior minister said.

A senior government official said a security base at Akçakale could be used to attack the French troops there.

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls said there were also fears of attacks in Paris.

Turkish jets bombed IS militants in northern Iraq on Sunday in retaliation for Friday night’s attack on the Paris offices with multiple suicide bombers.

Turkey’s military operations against IS have been launched in Syria and Iraq since August, but Ankara has not directly accused the militants of involvement in the Paris attacks.