Who is the best life coach in the world? – How To Start A Coaching Business Online

You bet it, and I’m about to show you the top 5.

1) Rick Doblin, Life Coach from Pittsburgh

I used to be a guy who wanted to be a motivational speaker, but now I’m just a guy who wants to talk to people. Rick Doblin is what it’s come to. He’s a real guy who does life coaching and he gets people to be happy, have more energy, and be happy in life. He has to work at that, but he knows how to do it and do it right. When I first started reading his books, I had so little life coaching knowledge that the first book I read, “How to Grow a Mind,” taught me a ton of things that I would never have learned otherwise. I’m a firm believer that life coaching is a life learning process, and that it can provide life coaches with some life changing opportunities.

Rick teaches a ton about life, and that includes the science of growth. He talks about the importance of balance. He talks about mindfulness meditation. I like to think that he spends a lot of time teaching people how to balance what I call energy. So that’s energy as a quality (the energy we receive from the world around us). And then if we have a little bit of excess energy we have to think about not using that energy, and then the negative effects of over indulgence on the body (i.e. the weight gain) and what’s called low energy in the brain. Then we have to balance it with the energy provided by meditation and prayer. He even teaches us how to train our brain to better be able to use the energy from where we’re coming from in life. So it’s a very deep and profound understanding and learning.

Rick Doblin is a life coach who is also an amazing teacher. I am forever indebted to Rick for taking me to my first meeting, and for being a real life coach to me. What I learned that very first meeting led me to start Rick Doblin Inc.

2) David Lee Roth, Life Coach from San Diego

One of the reasons I’m passionate about life coaching is that one of the hardest aspects of life is finding and making it easier to do it. My favorite part of life coaching is knowing that I am in fact helping the person I’m guiding to move more efficiently, focus more, and be happier. You can’t do that by thinking about it every morning. You can’t do it by focusing on things to worry

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