Which coaching certification is best?

“The one that best fits your career is really a matter for individual preference”

What are the best ways to find out more?

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We recently reached out to Scott Marshall on these topics and he shared his thoughts on getting in the game, his coaching philosophy behind the scenes and the importance of having a personal relationship that fosters coaching ability and knowledge, as well as the best ways to find coaching you want.

Q: There is the PDGA website where you list you as a certified coach. What is your position on such a website?

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A: “I would not have much of a background or expertise beyond just the game of golf if I had not played. I started playing for the first time at about 15 and have played for over 40 years. When I played I did a pretty good job of understanding the game.

The fact is that the game has evolved and gotten more complex. The course has changed a lot and the rules and rules revisions are also getting more sophisticated. I was pretty good in terms of understanding the fundamentals, but I didn’t know all the rules so I would make a lot of errors. I am looking forward to learning more. With this being the first PDGA event I will probably have to play more holes like these than I have played in the last 20 years. I don’t expect you to do the same but hopefully you can have a good day.

I feel like having a personal relationship with a coach gives you a better understanding, understanding what a coach can do. A relationship helps you become familiar with what to expect going in each round. You know where each element of the game is happening inside the golf course and also why certain holes work and why some do not work. I also see this relationship as beneficial.

So a good relationship provides a learning experience like nothing else. You can make informed decisions with each round based on a coaching approach based off their experience in the same situation. The more you play, the more comfortable you get with each other as you play. The less you play, the more comfortable you become. This creates a beneficial relationship. The key to success is that the more you play, the more comfortable you get