Which coaching certification is best?

If you are training to be a coach, you need to get a coaching license in order to be eligible for coaching services. Getting a coaching license involves getting a number of requirements, including:

Education and education credits in subjects such as football, baseball, and soccer;

Personal and interpersonal skills;

Professional experience (or a bachelor’s degree in a subject related to your chosen discipline);

Experience leading or coaching teams or teams on your team; and

A good knowledge of the football or basketball sports at hand.

The most common coaching certification programs for football/soccer coaches are NFPA 15.16, NFPA 17.4, and NFPA 15.10. The NFPA 15.16 (Coaching in Collegiate Training) program is best for coaches who are interested in taking on head coaching responsibilities in collegiate settings.

The NFPA 17.4 (Football Coach) program is best for coaches who want to take responsibility for their first coaching job, either at a junior college or high school level. There will be more opportunity for those who have a higher level of experience.

For coaches who want to get head coaching experience, NFPA 15.10 (Coaching in Senior or Associate Level Football) may be a good fit. It is designed for coaches who want to get head coaching experience that is at the highest level of a college or university.

Coaching Certification Requirements:

You should get a coaching certification prior to taking on a coaching role to ensure you maintain your current coaching licenses and are able to effectively manage the players’ and coaches’ role within your team.

When you are not on the coaching staff, or a head coach for your team is off the field, you should obtain a coaching certification before you join a collegiate coaching staff.

NFPA 15.10 (Coaching in Senior or Associate Level Football) is best for head coaches who desire to take responsibility for their first head coaching job.

NFPA 17.4 (Football Coach) is ideal for coaches who want to develop and grow their skills in coaching their own teams.

What is coaching certification?

The coaching certification program is an academic (college level) study. The education credit you need to obtain the degree is earned as part of your coaching education. It comes at the end of your first college education.

When you become a college coach, you will have to demonstrate your commitment to the professional level of football and to the organization.