What life coaching is not?

Life coaching is not a hobby, it is a passion that is a life purpose and is the reason why I started this website. I will talk about coaching in more depth later, the point is that there are not many things that are as fulfilling as coaching!

If you want to take a leap and do something completely different from your usual job, try joining one of the thousands of coaches in all over the world!

Where you can find a coach?

If you are not familiar with the concept of coaching, here is a nice intro that you can take home:

The difference between coach and coachman?

Coach is one person who can give you a lot out of his/her energy, while a coachman is only interested in making you work on your goals.

A coach will give you a lot, and the way in which he/she will do this is going to be unique to that coach. Also, that coach will probably show you how to improve yourself to the point where you don’t waste your time.

One of the good qualities of a coach is that he/she will not judge you, and he/she will be there for you when necessary.

A coachman is more concerned with making himself and you work on your performance, so he/she will talk all the time, and he will judge you accordingly!

Who do I work with?

I work with many people and different situations all over the world. Some of my most favorite clients are:

-Ajith, the founder of the website and a professional basketball player from Mumbai

-Ajay, an entrepreneur from San Francisco, USA

-Gandhi of India

-Seth, a marketing manager from Miami, USA.

-Marketing manager from New York, USA

-Shanjith, a consultant from Bangalore, India

-Amar, a web developer from USA

-Jeyamad, an entrepreneur from USA

-Amar, a startup from USA

-Eunjung, a software developer from USA

As you can tell, I work with a lot of different people.

There are a lot of coaches that focus on teaching you how to build a website, how to make videos, or what to do to optimize your social media accounts. The main difference between a coach and a coachman is that a coach can provide coaching for everyone, and