What can you do with a life coach certification?

Do you want to be a life coach yourself?

Have you considered becoming a certified Coach?

How many courses have you completed? (For each course, include courses completed elsewhere)

What are the course topics you would like to prepare for life coaching?

Why did you complete this course? Did you think it would benefit you in any way?

If you are interested in becoming a certified Coach, here is a link to a page with my certification process.

I highly recommend doing the self-study course, but I am not an experienced teacher so it is hard to give the best advise for anyone out there. I will also give you my general best tip from the course. Be a coach, and enjoy being one. I cannot stress that enough 🙂

Now let’s go through the course.

What is the course about?

The course is about a life coach’s role in a life coach’s lifestyle, and the relationship between a coach and the person they are coaching. In particular, we cover: how a Coach works, how they interact with patients, how coaching affects their professional life, how to be a real life Coach, how to be effective in coaching, the importance of having a life coach, the difference between a coach and a mentor, and the differences between coaches and mentors.

This course addresses 3 main topics:

How a Coach works – how to become a Coach, the process of becoming a coach, the process of coaching a patient, how to be successful in coaching a patient and coaching a student,

How a Coach interacts with the patient – the difference between a coach and a mentor, the difference between a mentor and an associate, and training your mentor to become a great life coach,

How to be effective in coaching – the differences between coaches and students (including the importance of a mentor), some of the best mistakes to avoid making in coaching, tips on how to be more effective and be more effective in your life, how to be a real life Coach and have more impact, tips on how to develop skills in life coaching.

What do courses cost?

The course is an online self-study course; you must complete the course to earn our certificate, and you can order it from us. We offer a discount to those who submit an application during the registration process, and the discount applies even for those who purchase the course over our own website. You should not purchase from a third party, though, as