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Most coaches try to control what makes players good on the court. They focus on getting the biggest bang for their buck, and trying to make the other players better by giving them the best instruction possible. Other coaches see that players can be good, but aren’t necessarily skilled on an individual level. They coach based on how players learn.

They view practice as an evaluation of players’ abilities, and see the skills that a player learns throughout the season as important and valuable to his/her success. They see developing player skills as what makes the league great and allow for players to become better players each season. Other coaches don’t see these as the same as building the right kind of basketball player. They see it simply as skill development. The difference is in how you view it (or do), and if you view it that way it can be beneficial.

In the chart at the right you can see that most coaches, whether you view the value of player skill development or not, are looking for the best possible coaches to hire. There are a few types of coaching styles that might be beneficial at different levels. This is just one example.

Types of Coaching Style – Coach to Player vs. Coach to Coaches

There are three types of coaching styles that a coach might choose to use to develop players. They’re very similar if you take a look at other sports. Coach to Player, Coach to Coaches, and Coach to players. We’re defining Coach to players (or the coach who coaches players) in these examples since coaches on the offensive side are the ones most often used on the defensive side.
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Coach to Player (player to coach) is the most common type of coaching style, and uses coaching in the exact same way for players as for teams.

In Coach to player – player’s first priority is the team, and coach is the only one who can improve that. It might be the difference between winning a championship or even making the playoffs, and there may be no difference (in fact, it is often more beneficial for the player to coach).

It is the players responsibility to know (and be able to understand) how to improve as a team. They must learn to work in concert with the coach, or he/she will not be a good coach. As a coach in Coach to players – you cannot learn any of your work by watching, watching only and coaching from the bench. You must actually watch (and/or read about) the specific skills

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