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There’s this interesting study that was put out last year that looked at it. When you’re getting up to do a big push, what do you do? Do you get into a gym with all the weight machines and things like that? Nope. You get out of there as fast as possible, get to a chair, go up on a table and do a push. I used to do this when I was in college and there was this woman in the audience who was like, “I do pushups. I’m done.” Well, it turns out that her husband is a professional powerlifter, and he’s a huge powerlifter, and I said, “How are we going to get his daughter to do pushups.” He could actually do the pushups, but it’s not really practical. So that guy, when he was a professional powerlifter, he did the pushups at home, and all his wife could do was to hold her arms up. Now it’s just a joke. If someone’s got a big belly, he can take a couple of them, and some people hold them. We don’t know how many people have big stomachs and if they can lift a couple of them. My wife, she’s a competitive athlete and when she’s doing her weightlifting, she can definitely do some pushups. She’s been doing these for years and it’s just a joke. It’s just a formality.

I don’t know if you have seen the video “Push Yourself to the Limit,” but it is a video. It’s very good. And somebody was like, “It’s a formality for many of us.” And she goes, “Oh that’s great. Well my life has been just like that.” And it’s true, when you’re going up on a table, you can do it in your own time, you can work with your body to finish it, take a few more seconds when you’re done, but in my case, it was very different because this guy was very strong. It was like, you’d stand up there and you’d do a push. You get off the table, do a push. And it’s not that you could actually push someone to the wall, it just was more of the same. I was a little bit disappointed and a little bit amazed. And I saw how her husband did it, and it’s the exact same push that I do. Now in other words the question is, “Can I be

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