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Let’s consider this question first. Asking coaches to change who they are means that they may not be comfortable expressing what their coach wants.

Perhaps the coach would choose to be more reserved about revealing his feelings, or his true feelings? Perhaps he would want to be an ally rather than just an obstacle? Maybe he would like to be loved more? Perhaps he would like to see his coaching students gain confidence and self-respect?

But what coach is going to be willing to open up such a huge can of who they are? Will he be able to handle the pain, embarrassment or loss of self without coming across so emotionally vulnerable that he could be cut adrift?

Perhaps some of the best coaches do not even have a coach at all. Perhaps they are the most authentic, honest people they know. Perhaps they feel more at peace and with the truth when they do not have an overseer guiding them. Perhaps they know exactly how they feel and are able to talk about why and how they feel.

To be successful in coaching, you have to take a deep breath and recognize that some coaches have never had to be honest with anyone. You have to acknowledge that sometimes you are the opposite of what you think you are and need a coach who shares all of your truths and beliefs so you can better navigate this world and all of it.

If you have the freedom to be honest with yourself and your coach, then you will have the freedom to be truthful with others.

So let’s put aside the question of whether or not coaching therapy is worth it. Let’s instead ask ourselves these two questions:

“What would love be like if we could tell the truth?” “If we could have a coach who would share everything we think and feel? What would being a coach do to the people we teach and coach?”

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DSA?

It is a union of working-class students and supporters, representing nearly one-quarter of members of the Board of Trustees on University of Wisconsin System campuses and supporting more than 500 union members.

What does DSA support?

The DSA supports a progressive, intersectional political agenda.

What is the DSA’s budget?

The DSA budget in 2015-16 was $3.1 million, down 4 percent over the previous year and a decrease due to an end of an agreement with the DWP to provide the DSA with free uniforms

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