Is a life coach worth the money?

“Yes,” said Mr. Beasley. “I don’t have a career. But the money is wonderful. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m wealthy because I’ve been able to give my children a good education and have supported my wife — it doesn’t cost a damn, and that’s one hell of a deal.”

Mr. Beasley, now retired as a consultant, was recently quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that, when asked which coaching profession would make him the most popular man with his fellow celebrities, “I don’t see much difference between a football coach and a celebrity. You get a lot of that stuff from the media.” Mr. Beasley and his wife recently divorced.

“I didn’t go into journalism because I wanted to be famous. If I were writing a book now I would have to say football,” he said. On the flip side, said Mr. Beasley, “There’s a lot of stuff out there that you’ll get that says you’re going to be rich, and you shouldn’t do it.”

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Is it a bad way to start a career?

Mr. Beasley was adamant that it’s not: “It was for something I loved and wanted to do, and something I loved doing.” His first gig, he said, was when he wrote his high school sports column.

A few years later, he got “stuck” writing for a local newspaper, which he said made him want to write more, “but my wife and daughter wanted me to stay in writing.” He switched to freelancing, starting “my job writing sports columns, and then my job writing in-between the lines,” which includes writing for television and for publications, as well as occasional columns for various magazines.

In addition to his television and magazine work, he now writes and hosts an online radio show, sports show and podcast as well as appearing on various ESPN radio shows.


How much do you want to make?

“I’m working at this to the point where I don’t have to. I’m not going to say one dollar.”

Is it better than your past jobs?

“I would call it ‘a better job than your past jobs.’ When I was in football, I felt like I put in a great deal of time and energy. But now, with television and radio, I have one job that makes me a lot of money