How do life coaches make so much money?

In his 2015 book “Life at 25: Four Years in the Lifestyle and Business of Being Young & Hip in America,” Tim Ferriss lists the 25 largest and most well-known lifestyle and business businesses in the United States.

The top 25 listed are mostly those specializing in life coaching or coaching life or business. These business are primarily the ones that focus on the personal aspects of getting into an amazing lifestyle.

Here are the 25 biggest and most well-known lifestyle and business businesses in the U.S.

#1: was founded in 1999 by Scott Burrell and Tim Ferriss. The coaching site has over 6 million members and is owned and managed by Ferriss and Burrell.

When you sign up to for an 18-month free trial and sign up for the coaching program, they give you a $75 credit to purchase some clothing from designer brands like Coach, Abercrombie & Fitch, and others. But you can also get a free pair of jeans. is a life coach and also teaches you the how to live a lifestyle on your own terms and what to do at the end of the day. One of the most attractive aspects is the fact that the coaching service and its products is completely free to sign up.

Coach has an impressive list of sponsors from a variety of industries, including:





General Motors



Giant Tiger Inc.

Ferriss is the CEO of, his bio says that he has “raised more than $40 million for charities over the past 35 years.”

#2: is a popular ebook retailer with over 7 million customers and operates in 33 countries. has partnered with a number of prominent figures, including Sean Parker and Sean Parker, who founded Napster in the late 90s. was founded in 2002. also has a large number of other sponsors including:

Litigation management company Zendesk


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Sony Music Entertainment (SNE)

Apple (AAPL)



Disney (DIS)