How do I find my life coach niche?

Find where you can use the most value in your life. This is especially important for the coach in question. There are several things to look for in your life: 1.) Does your goal make you happy?

2.) Are you a happy person or do you want to live in peace?

3.) Would you have found your way to your goal without this person?

4.) What are your values?

5.) Have you been able to create a clear direction for your life? You’ll see how many resources have been devoted to you and how valuable each one is to you. This is the key here because there will be those that are going to be able to tell what you want. This is a very important aspect of what I believe coaching is. This will also make for a great first date conversation. I’ll show you that the world has a coach to help you to find your way, to find things that you need to create a life for yourself!

Battleship is an upcoming science fiction shooter from Supergiant Games, creators of 2013’s Bastion.

The game is currently in pre-alpha, and was designed by a group of ex-Supergiant staffers. A team in Australia and Canada also worked together on Battleship, which was released earlier this year. In a game announcement posted last week on Facebook, designer Alex Mayberry wrote, “Some of you may recall how Supergiant and I got together to make Bastion, and some of you may already be playing this game for the first time. Bastion will always be my favorite work on the team, but over the last few years we’ve been learning a lot that has allowed us to make battleship a much better game.”

Check out a few screenshots of the game here (and the full gameplay video below).

The game currently runs on PC with Mac and Linux support planned. A Wii U version is slated to be released “soon,” according to the Supergiant Games website.

Supergiant Games’ new game Bastion is currently on sale for $24.99 on Steam.

The following is a guest post by Steve Huddleston, a retired teacher and life-long supporter of the LDS Church, an author, advocate and teacher – a father, grandfather and friend to many.
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