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You do the following: • You need to read and sign the ICF Coaches License Program (instructions) • You need a signed and dated contract signed by you as a member of a program sponsor to become a Certified ICF Coach • You must be a member of the United States Olympic Committee or the International Olympic Committee and have the certification to teach the sport • You are required to be a member of a recognized organization that has a written charter that includes guidelines for the ICF coaching program or that is otherwise affiliated with the ICF • You are required to have your signature verified by an authorized representative of the organization that is affiliated with the ICF, by one of its employees to be a member of the program (if the employee is a member of the ICF). • You must conduct yourself with respect for the personages of coaches and officials who coach or officiate in the Olympic sport (ie, the chair of the Board of Directors). • You must have the training programs and certification documents that will meet your obligations (as defined in this document), in addition to meeting the requirements for the ICF as established by the ICFS Standards of Admission on the subject matter and content of the certification program.

What is a Certified ICF Coach?

ICF certification requires that a person be trained in and licensed to teach the sport of Olympic sports. The level of training and experience required for ICF certification varies from individual to individual. However, in the United States no individual shall be required to complete more than a 2.5 (or 3.5) year program of instruction and/or coaching. Individuals must show proficiency in their sports through formal examination. All applicants are considered to be qualified according to the level of training required by the ICF. There is no requirement for individual athletes to complete any training with an organization outside of the ICF. However, an athlete participating in a sports event may be required to complete a minimum of 2 years of practice with an organization other than the ICF. If the person doing the competition can demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of the sport in order to perform competently in the event, the person may be qualified as a ICF coach to be used on a team for the event. When the athlete performing the event can demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of the sport to perform competently, the person can be qualified as a coach for the ICF.

What is the difference between the International Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee of Rugby?
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The International Olympic Committee is a recognized organization

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