How can I become a life coach online for free?

Do you coach people on a day-to-day basis or do you give out free coaching classes? How do you do this?

What they don't tell you about starting a life coaching business
Hi Mark! I’m glad you asked this question and here is my explanation. I am just a busy mom raising four kids from a previous marriage. I currently work as a school liaison so I coach kids. When I am not at work I love to walk and I try to create a home with my kids. That said I really don’t teach people things and I have no problem helping people become a better person. I try to help people build habits and find answers to their problems and I also like helping people connect to community. I recently started a free online course called The Four-Hour Workweek. I personally think it gives people a tremendous advantage over the standard work schedule, especially those who choose a new discipline for their lives so they can focus and become an expert at it. If you aren’t currently enrolled in the course, you can register for FREE for your first month and after that it’s $39 a month, although if you join on a regular basis you get $25 off. You get to track all the hours as well as your progress and your personal and team stats. One of my goals with the course is to show that you are free to make your own decisions without needing others to tell you what to do. That was a major reason I wrote my book, the Four Hour Workweek. You can read it on the website right here.

Where do I sign up for a free trial with Udemy? I currently have a $200 trial and I’m interested in learning more about life coaching. I have been using your course for about a week now and have done a couple exercises in it and it seems to be fairly easy for me to follow along and complete the assignments, but I have some questions, like the “how much” part. I have noticed when you are teaching people to do something, you show them what it takes/does and then they complete it. So for example, I’m using the following exercise: When doing this exercise, you put your hands behind your back in front of you and do a slight stretch in your back. You then do a quick inhale, relax, and then repeat the exercise (do at least five repetitions) and you will have completed the exercise. Would you please explain as clearly as your able how much of a step it’s? And if you need any further advice, what