Are life coaches legit? – Functional Life Coaching

If you’re someone who is serious about being healthy and your physical health is important to you, there really is no other option.
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But if not, there is plenty of good info out there about all sorts of health-related problems like cancer prevention and weight loss, so here is some solid information on how to get the most from life coaching and nutrition coaching.

What life coaching is

Life coaching is not the same as diet coaching. A healthy lifestyle is, in fact, something everybody needs to do. You can learn that from the people around you but that’s not the same. Not to mention there will always be some people that need to have “life coaches” or “nutrition coaches” but don’t necessarily want all of the medical help and advice.

The difference between life coaching and diet coaching is that if you want to build up your life around what you want, like working or cooking or eating healthy food and you don’t want to spend the majority of your energy focused on diet tips; you can make life coaching your priority and focus on what you’re interested in doing.

Some life coaches, though, want to get you to spend your time on food tips and diet tips while others want you to focus on how to do other things to improve your life. And then you get the most important type of life coaching, which is the focus on getting and staying healthy while you’re doing all these other things. It’s the same with nutrition coaching.

This article will deal with the basics of nutrition coaching and what it’s like to coach. Here are the key points about nutrition coaching:

Nutrition coaches are not ‘dieticians’ or ‘nutritionists’, they are ‘coaches’ and so should be respected the same way as professional trainers, personal trainers and podcasters. They also have the freedom to say what they think is needed and what is not, to follow their own philosophies, and to get the most results from their practice by offering what works. They’re more like coaches than health coaches and have the same type of power. You don’t have to be a professional to be a nutrition coach, you just need to be willing and able to take on that kind of responsibility.

One of the basic differences between nutrition coaching and other coaching or coaching in general, is that nutrition coaches are not in the business of selling you, they are in the business of helping YOU improve your health by developing and using the skills and knowledge in your life to help you

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