Why won’t my violin pegs stay in place?

Or did you do some magic to them before you sent them to me, so they should stay in place?”

“Magic. Yes, I did. But why does it feel so heavy? Why are there still so many strings?”

“My instruments are very heavy. But that’s because my violin strings are made of wood. No matter how many strings they have, they will always retain some of their natural characteristics. The wood isn’t too old though.”

“Oh. Yes, they sound slightly different.”

“It’s just that one of the wood-based strings is harder than the other. That makes them stiff. I thought you might be able to learn something useful from your instruments, so I’ve provided you with ten. You’ll be able to learn some things about string lengths, or about how they feel to hold.”

“I see. I guess that is how it is, then.” She handed over the ten strings to me.

“Very good. I’ll ask one more of your questions and we’ll get straight to it.”

She put the guitar on the floor and sat and made something out of the strings. I had no idea what she was making. It looked like leaves, or maybe like a leafy structure made out of several layers of wood. There was also a green stuff mixed in. It looked weirdly like tea, and was about half this weight. The green stuff looked like some kind of glue. It looked like a thick, translucent liquid, and it seemed to stick to the wood.

“So then you’ve created some kind of tree?” I asked her with some awe.

“Umm… no.”

“No tree?”

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“No tree?”

“Something else.” She started working. I thought about what she was doing. I wondered if something was happening to her.

“I’ll tell you a thing. My strings are made from a different tree than yours. It’s about three meters tall. The leaves are brown and the stems are green. I call my tree ‘Mystical Tree.’ We’ve been talking about it for years now, and I’m sure you know this too. You know that I’ve been helping you. You’re a wonderful person, a wonderful woman, and a wonderful artist. We’re always working together. Mystical Tree has done wonders for you. All your instruments.”

“How does Mystical Tree even