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I’ve been playing for 40 years, and it’s hard to imagine I’m the only one in the audience who has never learned to play. The violin is considered the pinnacle of all instruments: it allows a player to be in all places simultaneously and hear with no interruption. In the concert hall, that’s a powerful force for a musician like myself to play a passage that may be hundreds of miles away.
How to Learn to Play Piano on Your iPad

What is the significance of the violin to you as a musician?

I’m not sure I’d say that it has an aesthetic value more than the piano or the trumpet. But I really appreciate the sound it produces. A virtuoso can produce some of the most beautiful music ever created, but it takes a certain type of player to get it right.

What is your dream concert hall, and why do you love it so much?

I live in a very large house up on the hill. You can hear the air of a large city below. But for a concert-hall environment, it would be nice if the concert hall felt like a very small, quaint town, but with a big stage. That’s something I’d like to build if I get the money.

Have you played in any other cities besides New York? Can you share a tour story about your favorite city?

I’ve played in lots of cities, but New York stands out from the crowd. I love the energy and the city. They’re very different in tone; New York has a very distinct tone to it. It’s beautiful in its own way and you can feel the energy of that in the room as well.

When did you first find that you liked it, for what reason? What did you feel about the sounds, and why were they so important to you?

I got drawn to the sound of the concert hall because it’s really big and so I’d always dreamed of one day getting that big and loud piano. But it took me ages before I realized there’s no way I’d be able to play it in my house. So what I did was turn to the Internet and found that piano online. Then I started looking at the pianos that had become extremely popular and discovered that most were not at all large, and that they were built in very limited sizes. When I saw those first, that made my day. I realized there were other things that made me happy. For me, an instrument that feels perfect and that creates a great sound that sounds like

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