Should my child learn piano or violin?

Your child may already be learning piano or violin.

It is very important that you know what to expect when your child takes piano or violin lessons, says Susan Haney, a Certified Music Teacher based in New York City. Even a baby is expected to already be able to pick up chords. When music is playing in the background, it’s not unheard-of for a child to learn to play a few notes. It is more important to plan an early piano or violin lesson because it will allow your child to pick up more basic notes.

While children of any age can play piano or violin, there are some things that set them apart. For one, their hands are often weak. Also, while you may be worried about your child being able to play a solo, it is very common for younger children to perform some sort of piano ensemble.

Many children enjoy piano or violin even without any instruction. It is all about listening. Your child should not be shy, but he or she should be able to practice for a while. Many children who take piano or violin will be willing to give that up if they don’t want to lose the benefit when they are older.

Your child’s music education should be carefully planned with the right support. The support you need in your plan will be different for each child.

What does a piano or violin lesson look like?

If your child is just a beginning child, he or she can learn about piano or violin by watching a short clip. It should last 2 or 3 minutes. Some music videos will have more music. A CD will also be available to purchase.

If your child has progressed beyond infancy and is ready, he or she can go a step further and go into learning piano or violin lessons. They can complete the lessons at a regular home piano. There may also be an adult teacher available during those lessons. As a young child goes into formal lessons, parents will want to have them taught by one of the professionals, such as a professional teacher or musician.

At an adult piano or violin lesson, the lessons can be recorded and can be listened to later or used at other times such as concerts, school, meetings or festivals.

You can bring a book to this type of lesson, or your child can choose a music CD and then record the lessons as they are listening to the CD.

What if no one has taught my child to play piano or violin?

If the teacher at a regular