Is French horn harder than violin? – Suzuki Violin Timeline

A.) Yes. The fingering of french horn is a lot softer than on violin, and French horn is much easier to tune and play with a piano.

Q.) When is a horn better than a guitar?

A.) A guitar is better than a guitar on that it is easier to tune, it is heavier, it doesn’t require that much practice time, is more comfortable to play, and has much better tone quality.

Q.) Why do I like playing the guitar?

A.) Playing the guitar is easier, more comfortable, better tone, and has better playability.

Q.) What do you love about playing classical guitar?

A.) The main thing is being able to listen with the entire band, being able to play, and sharing my passion and enthusiasm of how great music is. I love being able to play classical instruments and have played most instruments for a long time. Being able to practice with a group of friends and learn more things with one another.

Q.) What is the best advice you can give a player who wants to improve his or her playing?

A.) Practice, practice, practice and then when the times come you will play better.

Q.) What is the longest and strongest neck you could ever play?

A.) 7.5″

Q.) What is the strangest guitar you have played?

A.) First off, this is the strangest guitar I have ever played. At first I was excited because the neck was so long (7.5″). However, after I practiced it a certain amount of times, I realized that no matter how hard I played, it wasn’t going to be enough to break through my body. In fact, during a show, I was a little worried that I would be able to play this guitar if you played your neck to hard. So the question is, am I a necky guy, or am I just a dumb kid? If you are in between, you could always give me your favorite and most intense show you have ever been in! Also, who said that you should only play one guitar at a time? Try playing a couple different ones and see if you find you really like them all.

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