Do violins hold their value? – Apps To Learn Violin

What are their worth to a musician now?

“The price a lot of violins have gone over the last decade is just the money,” said Paul Kalkman, a violin buyer in New York and New Jersey, in an email to The Huffington Post. “They’re considered a symbol of youth.”

Kalkman added that he’d heard violin appraisers speak about “the high-end, the collectors, the one-off collectors.” What he doesn’t know is where that line has gone.

“There are a lot of great violins on the market today as well as cheap ones, but most appraisers will not sell a violin for more than $8,000,” he said. “I do know that [some of the ones forgeries are] about $12,000.”

Some violins, like the ones being sold in Antigua, are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is even a violin on eBay, now listed for $895,000. There’s even a violin on the market for $2.4 million.

For centuries, violins have had a special place in the ears of people. There were violinists throughout antiquity whose instrument bore the name of their city. The Romans liked to hang their violins on their walls. They even created special sets in which to showcase the instruments, which were made of gold and often decorated. Some even were known to be made by gods themselves.

But the violin was not always a symbol of status. For instance, some say that, like the piano or the guitar, a violin played by an actual artist could be more beautiful than one that is merely a recording of the instruments in popular songs.

“The modern violin has replaced the violin of old,” said Tom Cossack, managing director of the appraiser firm of Kalkman’s, in a phone interview.

Cossack, who has studied violins since the 60s, and is the author of a book on the violin (it costs $9.99), said he found a lot of violins forgeries. The buyer doesn’t even need to send the violin to a violin store. And because of its limited value the fraudsters often try to change the name of the violins to avoid being identified. The price is often more than the original, the violin buyer can say.

The problem, according to Kalkman, is that the instruments are expensive to collect. He says most auctions for

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